Warranty Period

In the case of general household use

Eighteen (18) months from date of shipment

In the case of salon/professional use

Six (6) months from date of shipment

Repair Application Process

10-20 days Customer covers shipping fees to Japan

How to Request Repair

Please include the following information on the Inquiry Form: "Order Number", "Device Serial Number", "State of Damage", and please include any photos/videos of the damaged device.

A customer service representative will contact you and provide further guidance regarding repair.

Repairs of Devices not Purchased on this Website

Only devices purchased on this website are eligible for repair.

Devices purchased through another channel are not eligible for repair.

Repair Policy

  • ①Repair Fees
    1. Repairs conducted during the Limited Warranty Period are provided at no extra cost to the Customer.
      1. Depending on the state of the device, necessary repairs may require a repair fee in order to be completed, despite eligibility for complimentary repairs during the Limited Warranty Period.
      2. Upon completion of repairs, the device will be returned to the Customer. Return shipping costs are covered by the Company.
    2. Repairs after the Limited Warranty Period/Fees Incurred
      1. After the Limited Warranty period or any extension thereof has ended, repairs will be carried out at the determined

        "Repair & Maintenance Fee" for the particular model of device.

        Repair & Maintenance Fees are invoiced in Japanese Yen.

        Click here for repair fees for China / Hong Kong / Macao / Philippines / Indonesia / Thailand

        Click here for repair fees for Australia/ New Zealand

        The following services are included in Repair & Maintenance Fees:

        1. Repair Technician Fee
        2. Replacement Parts
        3. Return Shipping
      2. Repair & Maintenance Fees

        You will be invoiced for Repair & Maintenance Fees upon receipt of the damaged device by the Company.

        Inspection/repair will take place after payment is confirmed.

      3. Payment for Repair & Maintenance Fees
        1. We accept the following payment methods.
        2. Credit card payment
        3. Wire transfer
        4. * Please note a separate wire transfer fee will be incurred in the case of wire transfer payment.
    3. Please note, the Customer is responsible for covering fees mentioned in ② and ③ below.
  • ②Shipping of damaged device

    The Customer bears responsibility for arranging an international courrier and paying for shipping of the damaged device to the Japan office.

  • ③Regarding Import Duties and other Taxation upon Return
    1. The Customers bear responsibility for any import duties and other taxes upon return of the repaired device.
    2. We kindly ask that you look into possible import duties/taxes in advance.
    3. We are unable to provide guidance regarding the customs duties and other taxes, as these will be determined by local customs officials. Thank you for your understanding.

Cancellation of Repair Requests

  • If you do not send your device to the Company office within 30 days of the initial repair request, the repair request will be canceled.
  • If you wish to cancel the repair after the device has been sent to the company in Japan, you will be charged return shipping fees.
  • If you cancel after the repair work has started, you will be charged the cost of the repair work in addition to the return shipping fee.