Notice Regarding Counterfit Devices/ Fradulent Websites

Please be aware of fradulent or unauthorized websites that sell fake Bioprogramming

Counterfeit products have been discovered which are manufactured to resemble
Bioprogramming devices.

Not only the devices themselves, but the product packaging as well as instruction manuals
have been found to be fake.

These imitations are created with malicious intent, and create misunderstanding regarding
the Bioprogramming brand.

Not only are these counterfeit products not equipped with Bioprogramming technology,it is
extremely dangerous to use them as they have not been certified according to the Electrical
Appliance and Material Safety Law of local governing authorities.

Please note, official Bioprogramming-brand stores and websites do not offer discounted

Searching online for discounted Bioprogramming products may lead to fradulent websites
and/or counterfeit items.please use caution when ordering from third-party websites.